Schiff & Schiff Communications offers a wide range of services. Please contact us if a service that you need is not listed. We also have a large network of associates who offer complementary services and can work with you to get the help you need.

  • web consulting (user experience, content, design/layout, navigation/architecture)
  • content strategy (website, marketing campaigns)
  • social media consulting (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs)
  • copy writing (website content, marketing collateral, brochures, press releases, customer success stories)
  • copy editing (website content, marketing collateral, brochures, press releases, customer success stories)
  • ghostwriting (executive presentations, bylined articles)
  • editorial work (print and online publications)
  • proofreading/copy editing
  • research
  • project management

Rates and Expectations

Setting the tone

Schiff & Schiff Communications prides itself on customer satisfaction. That’s why we work with you, up front, to determine what your needs are, the scope of your project, how best to work together, and how we can deliver a finished product that meets your expectations.

The first meeting or consultation is free. After we have determined the project requirements, Schiff & Schiff Communications will send you a detailed Proposal of Work for you to review. If you need to modify any aspects of the proposal, now is your chance to do so. Once both parties are satisfied with the proposal, we ask that you sign it and either fax, email, or mail it back to us.

If your company requires Schiff & Schiff Communications to sign a Work-for-Hire Agreement, Contract, and/or Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), no problem. Just email us the document(s) for review.


Schiff & Schiff Communications offers a variety of rate plans, because we understand that each customer and each project is unique. We work hourly, on a fixed or project-based basis, and on retainer.

Payment policy

Schiff & Schiff Communications generally works net 15 days of the date printed on the invoice. When we fulfill a contract or project, we will invoice you for that work when we submit it and expect payment within 15 days. If your company has a different payment policy, this should be discussed up front, before the start of the project.

Schiff & Schiff Communications uses its own offices, equipment, and office supplies. Clients, however, are responsible for additional expenses directly related to their projects, such as postage, shipping, and courrier services (if necessary). Additionally, clients are expected to compensate Schiff & Schiff Communications for travel time (if more than 30 minutes) and any travel-related expenses incurred on behalf of their project.

Odds and ends

Schiff & Schiff prides itself on good communication. We understand that projects change in scope and that deadlines can shift. That’s why we make it a point to set a timetable up front, update our clients on our progress, and alert them to any prospective problems before they actually become problems. Similarly, we expect clients to let us know when they have changes or delays on their side, or if the project requirements have changed. It’s all about feedback.

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